Conference dinner

Conference dinner will be held on Friday 4 July 2014 in Hotel De Wageningse Berg, a hotel and restaurant with a beautiful view of the river Rhine.

Hotel de Wageningsche Berg
Generaal Foulkesweg 96
6703 DS Wageningen
The Netherlands

Distance: approximately 35 minutes by foot or approximately 20 minutes by public transport

Directions by foot

A – Conference Venue

B - Conference Dinner/ Hotel "De Wageningse Berg"
route map

Directions by public transport

Walk to Wageningen, Busstation (About 5 mins - 400 m)

Take Bus 51 or 52 towards Arnhem CS
Busticket: 1.50 EUR one-way (to be bought in the bus)

Leave the bus at busstop "De Wageningse Berg" (2 mins, 3 stops)

Walk to "Hotel De Wageningse Berg" (About 5 mins - 450 m)